Asked Questions

Material Requirements

Can I send other nonferrous material to you?

NWCP accepts shipments of stainless steel, lead, aluminium, and brass along with your copper material.

NWCP specializes in copper and insulated wire. We will not buy other nonferrous material if you are not shipping copper as well.

What are the requirements to do business with you?

To start doing business with NWCP, you’ll need a business registration and a recycling license or permit from your city or location (if applicable).

NWCP also requires that you fill out our Responsible Sourcing Survey (RSS) to ensure you comply with sourcing requirements.

This ensures that both you and NWCP provide and receive the appropriate legal documentation in accordance with state, provincial, and federal laws.

What material type do you buy?

NWCP specializes in copper and insulated wire. Review the complete list below, and if you have any questions or wish to sell material that doesn’t appear on this list, contact us directly at 1-866-500-5254.

For clean copper, we buy:

  • Copper #1
  • Copper #2
  • Copper #3
  • Chops on recovery

For copper wires, cables, and other, we buy:

  • Insulated Copper Wire #1
  • Insulate Copper Wire #2
  • Car Harness
  • BX Cable
  • Tech Cable
  • Communication Wire
  • Aluminium Copper Radiator

What are your minimum material requirements
for shipping?

Our minimum material requirements are 1200lbs of material or 1 gaylord box.

Payment Methods & Advances

How do I know how much I’ll be getting back before I send my material?

Before shipping, you can send pictures of your material to your representative. This way, we can grade your material and give you a graded estimate.

If you’re getting paid on recovery, you can send in pictures of your material to get a quote. It’s important to note that this quote is an estimate and is subject to change once recovery results are returned.

How are advances calculated?

Advances are calculated on a case-by-case basis. For suppliers who have history with us, your material is eligible for advances before material receipt, and the percentage of your advance will be discussed with you.

For suppliers with no history, you can reach out to your representative and discuss the possibility of an advance. However, you will only receive your advance once your material has arrived at our facility.

Do you do advance payments, and when am I eligible for one?

For advance payments, NWCP works on a case-by-case basis. We will examine your volumes along with other market factors in order to establish your validity to advance payments.

What happens if recovery is less than grading?

At NWCP, you get paid based on the copper we recover from your material. That means that once our machinery has stripped and separated your copper from plastics and other waste, that is the copper you get paid for.

This also means that if we grade your material at 42%, for example, and the recovery results are 40%, you will get paid for that 40%.

However, if your recovery results are higher than grading, you’ll get paid for the recovery, which is higher than what you expected.

What are my payment options, and how long will it take to get paid?

Electronic payment is initiated upon your request.

NWCP will await a payment request and confirmation from you to proceed with a direct wire transfer and electronic payment. Funds are easily deposited directly into your associated business account within 24-48 hours from payment request.

Payment is initiated in 7 – 10 business days after material has been received at an NWCP facility.

What material is eligible for recovery?

All grades of insulated wire and car harness wire are eligible for recovery.

What is recovery, and how does it apply to me?

Recovery is a process by which NWCP recovers the maximum amount of copper in your material.

With state-of-the-art technology, your wires enter the machinery whole and exit as pure copper chops.

With payment on recovery, you get paid for the copper that we recover from your wires.

That means, for example, if we grade your wires at 30%, and we recover 35%, you’ll get the 30% plus the 5% on recovery.

Process, Grading & Tools

How do I get access to your price list and photo grading tool?

You can contact one of our representatives to get access to our photo grading tool.

Please call at 1-866-500-5254.

What is photo grading, and how does it apply to
my material?

Photo grading gives you the ability to price your material. Take a picture of your copper with your smartphone and send it to your NWCP Representative.

We’ll give you a price estimate and a grading category. This way, you know the type of material you have and can buy it at the most competitive price.

What is a price list, and how does it help me buy material?

A price list is a reference tool that allows you to view copper prices per grading category.

This helps you understand what type of copper material your seller is giving you and allows you to buy at the most competitive prices.

Why do you process low-grade wires, while other competitors do not?

NWCP operates brand-new state-of-the-art processing machinery. It’s with this technology that we are one of the only copper processors in North America to process low-grade wire and pay on recovery for them.

Instead of exporting your low-grade wire overseas and risking downgrades and down-pricing, NWCP offers a solution. Ship them to us and we’ll process them and give you the true value of your wires.

How does your price list correlate with COMEX
(The Commodity Exchange Inc)?

NWCP’s price list is based on the COMEX XCU index for copper market prices. Our prices update every 15 minutes according to the XCU developments.

What are the stages in copper recovery, and what kind of machinery and equipment do you use?

Copper material arrives at our facility and is immediately graded by one of our experts. This is where we will weigh your material and separate it into grading categories.

You’ll receive a grading sheet within 5 business days, detailing the grades and the weight of your copper.

Your copper then moves into specialized machinery designed to strip waste from your copper and cut your material into chops.

Copper exits the machinery as small, rounded pieces that are called copper chops.

What is a copper processor?

A copper processor is a facility that separates copper from insulation (i.e. plastic, rubber, etc.) to access the copper. Once the copper is stripped, processors will cut it into chops, which are smaller pieces of copper. These pieces then move out of the processing facility and onto the next stage of recycling: smelting.

Shipping & Transport

Are my materials insured?

Yes, if you choose to use NWCP’s transport, your material is insured for $2.4M.

If you arrange your own transport, we strongly recommend that you ensure your material.

Do I pay for material going over the Canadian border?

According to free trade agreement between Canada, USA, and Mexico (CUSMA/USMCA), there are no tariffs for your material as it crosses the Canadian border.

How does shipping work, and how do I get material
to you?

NWCP can handle all transport logistics for you, including Bill of Lading (BOL) and all other required documentation.

If you’re managing your own shipping, you’ll have to contact your representative in order to fix a date for the arrival of your delivery that coincides with our shipping and receiving times. NWCP has 5 docks that can accommodate numerous deliveries at once, but you should coordinate with us to ensure you get a seamless delivery.

Where are you located?

11775 Rue Service A 3, Mirabel, QC J7N 1E6

Where can I drop off my material?

11775 Rue Service A 3, Mirabel, QC J7N 1E6